beirut, a city in motion: interactive walk

Under this year's Beirut Design Week theme "Design and the City", Yaraqa & TLB Destinations bring movement & performance as tools of discovery, investigation, and engagement: How can we as inhabitants of this city, locals or internationals, situate ourselves in a city constantly inclined to overwrite itself? In an interactive walk along the streets of Hamra, we explore this dynamic urban reality with the guidance of local performer Chantal Mailhac and guest musician Marc Ernest. Using performance and sensory-based activities, we engage with this moving phenomenon and connect with this neighborhood - its stories, structures, and spaces.

saturday 23 June - 5 till 7pm & sunday 24 june - 5 till 7pm | hamra

Performer: Chantal Mailhac | Musician: Marc Ernest | Location: Hamra | Partners: AUB Neighborhood Initiative