Two step fore: 

TWO STEP FORE is a monthly dance evening where dance artists present and share with us their practice and the dance culture that they are passionate about. Different evenings inspire from different dance-related themes and cultures - among others: Jazz, Vogue, Rock n Roll, Hip Hop, ... Whether you think you can dance or not, TWO STEP FORE is a space where you can simply move, discover, have a laugh, and connect. A dance experience designed for everyone - dancers, movers, and friends alike. 

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Two Step Fore #7 team thanks you for your beautiful presence!

some of the references from the evening:

TEAM & PArtners:

  • Two Step Fore #7 Visual Designer: Stephanie Richa
  • Two Step Fore #7 DJ: Rab
  • Venue: Ar_Ka
  • Dance artists: Mazen Tannous & Yasmin Masri
    • About: Mazen Tannous & Yasmin Masri are Lebanese champions in acrobatic rock and roll B class category for 2016 and master class for 2017. Now competing in international competitions representing Lebanon, they have undertaken several intensive trainings in Moscow with 5 times world champions in master class acroabtic rock and roll. 
    • Classes: They teach Acrobatic Rock n Roll and Boogie Woogie on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays in Gemmayzeh.