And So We Move   workshop at Bnabil | Photo by Ranya Hajjar

And So We Move workshop at Bnabil | Photo by Ranya Hajjar

Yaraqa is a cultural enterprise that offers creative & novel experiences for individuals and companies based on dance / movement practices. In collaboration with a network of creative and dance experts, we use our growing knowledge in dance to design and facilitate interactive and engaging solutions for a diversity of projects in fields such as but not limited to tourism, communication, education, etc.
We are constantly exploring and accelerating applications of dance at the crossroad of disciplines, spaces, and publics of all ages. This allows for dance and movement to serve the community as much more than performance art and to bring about social, cultural, and economic change for the dance experts as well as the community at large. 

Why dance?

Dance experts are far more resourceful and knowledgeable than they are given credit for. There are just so many aspects to dance as an art form and tool. Dance can animate spaces, materialize time, connect individuals, and coordinate teams. It can raise empathy, increase self-awareness, communicate values, convey thoughts, and strengthen mental processes. Even more so it can heighten sense of artistry and enhance agility. Dance inspires people in many different ways! 

What do we believe in?

  • Innovation and openness to new ideas, new people, new settings and new ways of working
  • Collaboration as a way of working that is integral to dance
  • Inclusivity/accessibility as we are not limited to a dance style or form or sector and are always looking for ways to include others
  • Professionalism, reliability and sustainability in all three pillars of the word
  • Entrepreneurship – creatively, strategically and financially

What would we like to contribute?

In designing and producing our projects, we care about the impacts we carry out on economic, social, and artistic levels. On a long term, we want to:

  • Encourage a culture of movement within the youth and adults by making dance benefits visible and accessible. 
  • Create job opportunities for dance experts and facilitating opportunities for new partnerships with creatives and experts from various fields and openness to new audiences 
  • Introduce and spread dance as a vital tool for the development of individuals and communities on all levels.
  • Contribute on the long run to a better recognition of the dance sector as a creative sector that employs so many players and brings economical impacts on a local and national level.

While We Weave   film part of the permanent exhibition at The Silk Museum in Bsous 

While We Weave film part of the permanent exhibition at The Silk Museum in Bsous 

Where did our name come from?

The mystery and magic of silk lies in the metamorphosis of the silk worm larvae—Yaraqa in Arabic—that weave silk-webbed cocoons around themselves as they literally transform into their full potential. The secret of silk production was carried to Lebanon from China along the Ancient Silk Road, and developed into a flourishing industry in 19th and early 20th century. The trade route not only provided rich economic opportunities for Lebanon, but also facilitated and encouraged rich political, religious and cultural interactions and transmissions.

Inspired by a similar spirit of interaction, we adopted the name "Yaraqa". Motivated by a spirit of creative exchange and collaboration around dance, we are constantly weaving connections between different communities: creatives, artists, dance experts, and audiences at large.