HAPPENING NOW / CITY IN MOTION: Interactive walk inspired from performance & sensory-based activities > 

Yaraqa & tourism company TLB Destinations design on demand, unique, interactive city experiences using movement & performance as tools of discovery, investigation, and engagement. Read more >


PREVIOUS PROJECT / STEP IT UP: CREATIVE Movement workshops in the workplace inspired from dance practices >

Neuroscience educator Robert Sylwester says, mobility is central to everything that is cognitive. Dancing integrates several brain functions at once and helps generate new pathways of thought and performance. Read more >

PREVIOUS PROJECT / two step fore: Dance-led evenings to meet, discover, & have a Laugh > 

An informal space to meet and discover local dance artists, dance enthusiasts, and curious people who simply have got to dance & have fun. Check our previous editions >

Previous PROJECT / while we weave: Projects communicating through dance >

Dance is its own unique art, its own method of communication. It’s visually captivating and conveys something powerful—simply through movement! "WHILE WE WEAVE" is a collaborative dance film produced by Yaraqa communicating Lebanese Silk Heritage and bringing together talented local creative and dance experts. Read more >

previous PROJECT / and so we move: movement workshops in natural settings based on dance practices >

How does the body move in nature? How can natural landscapes inspire different moving experiences, ones that disconnect us from our daily routine and reconnect us to our bodies and the space around us? Listen to our PECHA KUCHA talk >