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Context: Haven for Artists in collaboration with the Lebanese French Institute is organizing & hosting Radical: a 10 day arts fair and gathering from the 25th of August till the 5th of September.

Opportunity: Khansa/خنسا will be performing on September 2, during the evening, as part of the Concert & Performances taking place within the exhibition. The set will include live singing accompanied by dance and movement performances at different stages to highlight and accentuate the ideology that is carried in the lyrics and music. 

Needed: 2 professional male dancers to join Khansa's experience on stage as two opposite characters. 

  • Venue: Lebanese French Institute
  • Event: Radical (Facebook event page)
  • Performance: Saturday 2 September 2017, 35 - 40 minutes
  • Fees: $300 per dancer including rehearsals and performance. Accommodation is provided within Beirut. (Refreshments and snacks will be provided during rehearsals) 
  • Rehearsals: daily basis as of Thursday 24 August - Friday 1 September 2017.

performance theme

The main topic of the performance is identity beyond sexuality and common belief. We are discussing and reshaping what the concept of being an artist is. What are the different characters personas and lives of the artist. What happens to your art when you expose it? Does it still have life? Or is it now just a pile of dried up strokes on a canvas waiting to be picked up? How does the artist deal with his/her sexuality? With intimacy? We witness the evolution of an identity that is not defined by gender or societal norms, and portrayed in abstract format. It shares its birth, discovery, and intimate experiences on stage in an interpretive dance style in hopes that it will reach its freedom and transcendence. 

key skills required

  • Experienced in contemporary technique, movement, theatre, & expression.
  • Sensitive and vulnerable artists who are not bound to any rules that obstruct physical movement, are able to duo, and feel the need to experiment as team.
  • Highly committed, strong, and physically well fit.


Choreographer overview



Khansa/خنسا is a Beirut based performing artist combining different disciplines into one persona. Khansa is a singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer, and music producer whose style draws on a wide range of influences, genres, and topics.

Khansa works with Mohamad Zahzah, an aspiring composer, music producer and audio engineer. Zahzah’s productions are a variety of styles within the electronic genre and sometimes other forms of music. Zahzah blends his music seamlessly with traditional oriental creating a journey away from boundaries of style.

The duo are teaming up during the Concert & Performances evening for an experimental electronic set including originals from Khansa’s upcoming EP, produced by Zahzah.

Some links: Khansa Facebook Page, Khansa Youtube Channel


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