A Yaraqa — silkworm in English— intricately weaves a delicate yet strong silk-webbed cocoon around itself as it literally transforms into its full potential. The single thread it produces is valuable to the entire luminous fabric. Using the quality of this tiny creature at work, particularly the weaving stage, as a metaphor, 11 dancers/movers and a camera met in an old silk factory to create "While We Weave", a collaborative dance video.

While We Weave is collaborative short dance video that was filmed in the Silk Museum of Bsous on April 10 to 12, 2015. In partnership with The Silk Museum, and in their first collaboration, Corinne Skaff, Wafa’a Halawi, and Raya Kazoun worked with 11 performers (contemporary dancers, Lebanese folklore dancer, capoeira mover, parkour mover, circus artist), and a small production team to cinematically and physically explore the life cycle of the silk worm in the various spaces of the silk museum. The stages of individual growth and expansion, weaving of the cocoon, and production of silk thread inspired a spirit of collaboration that honoured the physical vocabulary and input of each individual dancer towards moving encounters, thus acting as a metaphor for an emergent and growing contemporary dance community in Lebanon.

This project is an invitation to view the Lebanese Silk Heritage through a modern day lens, to revive these silk spaces, and reintegrate them in a new and creative way. It is a proposition to together explore and experiment with movement and images towards the collective creation of a dance film. 


  • International Premiere | 16 - 20 March 2016 | Cinedans Amsterdam Film Festival | The Eye, Amsterdam
  • Lebanese Premiere | 3 May - 6 November 2016 | The Silk Museum | Bsous, Lebanon
  • Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival 2016 | 4 - 8 August 2016 | Hong Kong, 
  • São Carlos Videodance Festival | 18 - 19 August 2016 | Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • ScreenDance Festival |  24 - 29 April 2017 | Stockholm, Sweden

Collaborators & Partners

Producer: Yaraqa | Director: Wafa'a Celine HalawiChoreographer: Corinne Skaff | Performers: Bassam Abou Diab, Corinne Skaff, David El Achkar, Elissa Mansour, Lisette Chehade, Malek Andary, Rabih Yammine, Rami "Cavalo" Eid, Romy Assouad, Romy Lynn Attieh, Yara Boustany | Production Manager: Romy Assouad | Director of Photography: Nabil Assaf | Camera Operator: Mark GhssoubCostume Designer: Raya Kazoun | Assistant Choreographer: Marielise Aad | Assistant Production Manager: Lulwa Gedeon | Assistant Director: Julien Chehouri | Assistant Costume Designer: Lunma Saleh | Production assistant: Youmna Mroue | Editor: Karam Al GhosseinCredits Editor: Rana Maalouf | Music Composer: Maya AghniadisSet Photographer: Rima MarounPoster Photographer: Sami Dagher | Colorist: Dima Geagea | Intro Filming Team: Ghina Daou & Fadi El SamraPoster & Intro Designer: Hanane KaiPartners: The Silk Museum (Venue), Ministry of TourismCrepaway (Food), Amalgam (Rehearsal Space), Danceware (Apparel), Media Square (Equipment), Pixelmob (Grading), Tunefork Recording Studios (Music Mastering), BoPrint (Printing), SquareFit (Exhibition Equipment), ProSign (Exhibition Equipment)